Creating homes isn't just our business, it's our passion.


Our Philosophy

The spaces that surround our lives have the ability to affect our experiences. Just as water takes the shape of the cup it is poured into, so do our experiences take shape by the spaces that envelope them. Our hearts can be coaxed to be open and inspired by tall spaces with light flooding in from large windows and can be lulled into a sense of peace by a cozy room with low ceiling and dimmed lights.

As children, when we were sleepy or upset, we looked for small protected spaces, under a table, in a coat closet, or perhaps building our own blanket fort in the middle of the living room. Looking for excitement, we’d run through a grassy field with our heads thrown back and our hearts full of life, almost as though the limitless sky gave our spirit the courage to be limitless too.


As adults, the power of space is as true as it was when we were 5, seeking protection from the bogyman in the safe space under our blanket. Sitting behind a large desk, leaning back in a leather chair, surrounded by mahogany walls and rich colors, we are empowered to take charge and firmly commit to our beliefs. In a vaulted cathedral, the Notre Dame perhaps, our hearts swoop up to fill the room with our awe of human achievement, inspiring us to believe that anything may be possible. A candlelit room with low ceilings, sumptuous fabrics and pillows and the scent of lavender in the air, may coax us to feel protected enough to open our hearts to new possibilities.

At Georgia Pacific Holdings Corp we understand the power that our built environment has on our lives and experiences. Not only do we appreciate this power, we mold it into spaces that enable you to live your best life. We curate geometries and volumes, choreograph textures and colors, and orchestrate light and shadow to help your experiences be as a full as they can be. At Georgia Pacific Holdings our goal is much larger than developing homes, our goal is to develop experiences that will be unforgettable.